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Another year of Bid Day boxes!

25 Aug

With Bid Day a week behind us we thought it was time to reflect on another successful year of Bid Day boxes! It’s an interesting, stressful and fun process and we wanted to share a behind the scenes perspective with you.

It all begins weeks before the big day. The Wrapettes spent their time collecting hundreds and hundreds of Bid Day box orders – every day more orders were filed away.

Finally, on August 18, the big day arrives. Despite having had orders for weeks, we can only begin assembly on the day of. In the wee hours of the night the official bid list is finalized and we finally know what sorority our Bid Day box girls will be pledging! This is when the fun begins.

All the Wrapettes and other friends of Wrapsody arrived bright and early to help with assembly. 4:30 A.M. to be exact! We were working away while the new members were still asleep dreaming of their new home!

All day long, the boxes are being assembled, filled, checked and sent out to the new members for delivery. It is so motivating to know that after a long, exciting day the new members get to go home to a personalized gift from their loved ones that we had a hand in!


We talked to some of the girls at Wrapsody about the Bid Day experience this year. “This was the smoothest things have ran – everyone seemed to be really happy with their boxes. Our product was the best it had ever been – everyone loved every item we offered!”

Even though Bid Day is an exciting time for some, it is also a tough time for others. We know some girls get released from recruitment – we have spent time crying on the phone with parents. We know it’s tough, sometimes tougher than you would expect, so we try to make sure we have Happys for everyone. Recruitment isn’t perfect – and neither is our Bid Day box process. We make mistakes, but we try to work together and do our best as a team.

This year we filled 788 boxes in a single day! We so loved being a part of everyone’s special day and we can’t wait until next year.



Summer in the South

10 Jun

Summer in the South is always special. Time seems to slow down, people spend more time outside and communities plan events for everyone to enjoy. Such events include the Summer Night Downtown Art Walk in Auburn, AL on June 14 from 6:00 – 9:30 pm.

Downtown Auburn will be transformed into an art district featuring artists, vendors, photography, live music and a pie bake off. The theme of this year’s Summer Night Downtown Art Walk is PIE, and people are encouraged to display their culinary art through entering the baking contest. As the Auburn Art Association put it, “What better way to bring our community together than through pie!”

Wrapsody will be sponsoring booths for Jane Sweet Jane, Jayne Morgan Art, and Old Clutch at the Summer Night event.

Jane Sweet Jane is a local store in Opelika, Ala. that sells handmade home décor. Products include pillows, lamps and even Christmas stockings.  Each item is unique and carefully made with a sweet Southern charm. Jane Sweet Jane also customizes items for her customers with pictures of loved ones and pets.

Jane Sweet Jane towels

Jane Sweet Jane Towels

Jayne Morgan is an artist in Bluff Park, Ala. Her paintings are warm and familiar, many featuring everyday household items such as JIF peanut butter jars and Wonder Bread labels. Morgan creates paintings, teaches art classes and attends shows around the southeast showcasing her work.


Jayne Morgan painting Honey Bears

Old Clutch was started near Birmingham, Ala. by two sister-in-laws who were looking to add personality and uniqueness to clutches, iPad cases and laptop cases. Each piece is completed with a vintage feel, and no two clutches are exactly alike.

Old Clutch Bags

Old Clutch Bags

There are shows and festivals similar to Auburn’s Summer Night throughout Alabama. Summer festivals like these provide the golden opportunity for members of the community to spend time together and really appreciate summertime in their hometowns. These events promote fellowship, southern hospitality and unity through fun activities!

So no matter where you call home, this summer is the perfect time to attend an event like Summer Night to remember the true value of your community!  To find one near you check out http://www.al.com/events/things-to-do/