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Know Your Roots

24 Jun

When you walk into our stores this week, you’re most likely going to be greeted by a large framed poster containing all things Alabama within the state lines. BBQ and railroads and steel, oh my! However, the longer you search the image, the more you may realize info that you didn’t know about our lovely state! Now some things aren’t a shocker, but being home to the world’s longest yard sale is pretty darn cool. This week we’ve decided to dissect the poster, and dig deeper into our Alabama roots. If we had any questions about phrases on the poster, they’ve definitely been cleared up now! So pop open a Coke, roll down the windows, and join us as we travel across the state to explore some of the cool sites Alabama has to offer. We’ll be throwing in a few history facts too, so get ready to learn!



The World’s Longest Yard Sale

If you’re looking to do a little bargainin’ and road trippin’ this summer, The World’s Longest Yard Sale may be the perfect trip for you. Also known as the 127 Corridor Sale, this seemingly endless distance of deals starts in Addison, Michigan and ends in Gadsden, Alabama. Yes, that’s 690 miles! Each vendor opens at 8 am and closes down late evening. Their website includes hotel information, places to park, and helpful tips to make your trip a success. It even has a countdown clock! This year’s sale is August 7-10. Don’t miss out on this Alabama tradition!



Willie Mays

Born on May 6, 1931, in the city of Westfield, Alabama, Willie Mays began playing baseball after the sport was de-segregated, and became one of the best batters and fielders during his time. After playing for the minor leagues for only two short seasons, Willie was picked up by the New York Giants and was named “Rookie of the Year” by the end of that season. Mays served in the U.S Army during the Korean War, but shortly returned to the Giants in 1954 and became their Most Valuable Player. His career ended in 1973 with the New York Mets, as well as 660 home runs, 22 extra-inning home runs, 3,283 hits, and 338 stolen bases.



The National Peanut Festival

Taking place in Dothan, Alabama, the National Peanut Festival is held to celebrate local farmers and rejoice in a new harvest season.  The festival started on Thursday, November 10, 1938 and included a parade, pageant, grand ball, and historical play. Dr. George Washington Carver from the Tuskegee Institute served as the guest speaker as he had gained international notoriety for his development of over 300 products from peanuts. This 10-day event now hosts over 150,000. The 71st National Peanut Festival will take place this year from October 31- November 9.



Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, born July 24, 1900 in Montgomery, Alabama, was an American novelist and the wife of renowned writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Known by many as the first American flapper, Zelda enjoyed the arts and dancing. After marrying F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1920, the couple moved to Europe. There Zelda began writing short stories and articles. After being diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1930, she later moved back to America and was admitted to the Highland Mental Hospital. Zelda died in 1948 when the hospital that she was residing in caught on fire. Because of Zelda’s remarkable work as a poet, novelist, and dancer, she as admitted into the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame in 1992.



Felix’s Fish Camp

Craving some seafood? Then head on over to Felix’s Fish Camp Grill to lay those cravings to rest. Well, then again, it may just make you crave some more! Located in Spanish Fort, Alabama, Felix’s features music in their live Boat House Bar as well as Chef Specials that are sure to leave your mouth watering. Whether you’re looking for oysters and crabs, or shrimp & grits, you’re sure to leave Felix’s Fish Camp Grill satisfied.




While we were only able to highlight a few fun facts from this State Lines poster, there is always time for you to dig into your roots and celebrate all things Sweet Home Alabama. Don’t miss out on this unique piece!

Diggin’ deep,

Leah S. – Wrapsody

Celebrate Alabama Attractions!

5 Jun

With a little more free time to spare, summer is the perfect time to check out all of those crazy places that you’ve been dying to go to. And while road tripping across the country may be exciting, there’s nothing like visiting some of the great attractions that Sweet Home Alabama has to offer. After doing some research, the polls seemed to be unanimous as far as the best of the best. So whether you’ve visited these places growing up, or are just looking for a change this weekend, take a look at our Top 5 places to go!


1. The U.S Space & Rocket Center- Huntsville, Alabama

After opening its’ doors in 1970, The U.S Space & Rocket Center has had over 16 million visitors. With dozens of exhibits including a Mars Climbing Wall and the G-Force Accelerator that allows your body to experience the push of 3 Gs, there’s always something to do. They also take pride in having Pathfinder, the world’s only full-stack space shuttle display. This is a wonderful place to take the kids, as they host Space Camp, where students can learn about outer space and teamwork  while gaining practical leadership skills. If you’re up for the challenge, The U.S Space & Rocket Center is sure to take you to infinity and beyond!



2. The Birmingham Zoo- Birmingham, Alabama

Taking pride in becoming an independent not-for-profit organization in 1999, The Birmingham Zoo contains 122 acres and is home to over 950 animals. They are currently a national leader in elephant conservation, and celebrate this with their “Trails of Africa” exhibit. A few of the many daily activities at the zoo include the Red Diamond Sea Lion Splash Show, the Predator Zone, Alligator Feeding at the Alligator Swamp and Granny’s Butterfly Garden. Whether you bring a friend or make a friend, the Birmingham Zoo is a site to see!


3.  Cathedral Caverns State Park- Woodville, Al

Having the widest entrance of any commercial cave in the world, measuring 126 feet wide and 25 feet high, Cathedral Caverns Sate Park  is known for its’ natural beauty. They offer cave tours seven days a week as well as gem mining. After you get done for the day, don’t forget to stop at their gift shop for souvenirs and refreshments!

bridge 001

4. Cheaha State Park- Bunker Loop, Delta, Alabama

Prepare to stand in awe at this breathtaking site. Cheaha State Park is home to Mt Cheaha, the highest natural point in the state of Alabama standing at 2,407 feet above sea level. If you love the outdoors or are looking to change up your exercise routine, then this attraction may be the place for you! The park includes biking trails, mountain trails and a lake for swimming and fishing. If you’re up for the challenge, each year they host the The Mt. Cheaha 50K UltraMarathon Race going through Talladega National Forest.


5. Gulf Shores Beach- Gulf Shores, Alabama

Kick back and relax in the sand as you enjoy all that Gulf Shores, Alabama has to offer. Whether you’re laying by the beach, fishing at the pier or enjoying a music festival, Gulf Shores is sure to keep everyone in the family satisfied. Each summer they host the Gulf Coast Hot Air Ballon Festival with live music and a Kid Zone. But don’t leave before checking out the dining options, because there is seafood galore!

Coastal Walk

Where are your favorite places to visit in the State of Alabama? We want to know!

Happy site seeing!

Leah S. – Wrapsody




What’s Cookin?

4 Jun

Now yes, we may be known for our football. But we sure do have some great food with a WHOLE lot of soul. From grandma’s kitchen to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, there’s always plenty of goodness to keep you satisfied. In celebrating all things Alabama this week, we are absolutely loving the “Alabama’s Best Restaurants Cookbook,” by Jon McClure. After traveling 12,000 miles and to all four corners of the state, Jon composed this book to highlight some of the best places to get your grub on. The best part is, after reviewing each restaurant, he highlights a few popular recipes from those restaurants so you can try to recreate them at home. Who doesn’t want to know their favorite restaurant’s juicy secrets?! Now granted, most of us definitely aren’t capable of cooking exactly like our favorite restaurants, but these recipes are wonderful to have on hand when you’re either traveling or at home and are craving a bite from your favorite spot. Below we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite spots from the book. Let us know where your favorite spot is!

Celebrate seafood at The Bluegill Restaurant

Known as the restaurant that’s in the business of food, fun and foolishness, The Bluegill Restaurant in Spanish, Fort Alabama takes pride in providing it’s customers with fresh seafood in a fun atmosphere. Located on the Mobile Bay Causeway, this is the perfect spot to enjoy live local music at their Wharf Amphitheater. You can even save 10 % by joining by car or boat! How cool is that?! If you’re there during the weekday, don’t forget to ask about their lunch specials. Crab cakes, Fish Tacos, and grilled shrimp oh my!



Celebrate your sweet tooth at Sherry’s Cafe

If you crave sweets like we do, then Sherry’s may be the place for you! Open seven days a week, this quaint spot is known for their wonderfully decorated cakes and homemade desserts. Not to mention they are open for lunch, dinner and have fresh flowers. Located in Trusville, Alabama, Sherry’s is the perfect spot if you are in the need of a cake for your next big event. Image


Celebrate Soul food at Jonny’s Bar-B-Q

There’s no need to deny that you’ll feel at home at Jonny’s Bar-B-Q in Cullman, Alabama. Since 1963, they have been providing tender pulled pork and barbecue that you will make your mouth water.  But don’t just limit them to barbecue! Their menu provides everything from chicken fingers and potatoes, to catfish fillets. Love that sauce so much  it makes you wanna slap your mama??? You can purchase that and more while enjoying Johnny’s Bar-B-Q on the go!



Celebrate a cold one at Avondale Brewing Company

Locally owned and operated, this brewery in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama is the perfect place to go after a long day. But don’t let it’s historic charm fool ya, because they are always mixing up the new and latest concoctions. If you just can’t get enough at Avondale Brewing Company and you need friends to join you, don’t hesitate to bring them to a live music festival or book a private event of your own! And speaking of lively events, you can tour the brewery and receive an ABC swag set, and either 1 pint of beer and pint glass or 4 tasters and taster glass. Cheers to that!


Whether you’re creating a Summer bucket list and need to check off a few spots, or are just looking to try something new, the “Alabama’s Best Restaurants Cookbook,” is sure to help you achieve that and more.

Happy Dining!

Leah S. – Wrapsody

Sweet Home Alabama

3 Jun

Sweet Tea. Football. Swing dancin’ and Southern Charm. That’s right, this week we’re celebrating all things Sweet Home Alabama. After diggin’ around and doing a little research, we’ve found a few fun facts that we’d love to share with you! Now most of the facts were pretty normal. It didn’t surprise us that Birmingham is the largest city in the state. But what we didn’t know, is that it is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church….or to wrestle a bear. Listed below are a few fun facts. Happy learning!

                                      10 Fun Facts About the State of Alabama

 1. Alabama became the 22nd state on December 14, 1819.


2. At 2,405 feet, Cheaha Mountain is Alabama’s highest point above sea level.



3. The word Alabama means tribal town in the Creek Indian language.



4.  The first football game between the University of Alabama and the Auburn University was played on February 22, 1893.



5. It is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time.



6. The state bird is the Yellowhammer, although some still claim the Wild Turkey.

Image     or….. Image


7. It is illegal for any person to place table salt on a railroad track. This is a law that if violated, it punishable by death as of 2013.

Image        +     Image   = Image


8.  The state dance is the Square Dance.



9. The state flower is the Camellia.



10. Dominos may not be played on Sunday.




Be on the lookout for all things to help you celebrate Sweet Home Alabama this week!

Peace and love from the Heart of Dixie,

Leah S. – Wrapsody