Wrapped in Hope: Jody’s Testimony

29 Sep

As we continue to celebrate angels and survivors at Wrapsody during our Wrapped in Hope celebration, we are honored to share the story of another friend and breast cancer survivor, Jody Northcutt.

Jody was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. She said she knew she could fight the cancer because she believed in the power of answered prayers. “Those prayers gave me hope that everything would be ok.”

Cancer is a terrible, life changing disease. However, Jody told us in some ways it changed her life for the good as well. She said it brought her closer to her friends and made her change her definitions of what family and friendship means. She was touched by how people that she didn’t even know reached out to send her love and support.


Jody said the number one person that has been there for her through this journey is her daughter, Morgan. “My daughter is the one I can talk to or cry to, she’s always been there for me.” She said her daughter has been at every one of her surgeries and is her biggest support. It’s that support that gives Jody hope and comfort.

Going through this difficult journey, Jody said it is important to always keep an open mind. She said the most important thing to do is to keep an open support group and accept prayers from anyone. “You have to have all of your strength to go through this, so let someone else give you theirs,” Jody said.

Leaning on others for help has been an important part of Jody’s journey. She encourages others to do whatever they can, big or small, to lend a helping hand to someone going through breast cancer. “Giving support and being there is all anyone needs to do.”  

Honored to tell this amazing story,
Caroline Haney
Wrapsody Intern

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