Wrapped in Hope: Elizabeth’s Testimony

23 Sep


For the last seven years, Wrapsody has celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a fundraiser and celebration.  This year the event has evolved into Wrapped in Hope, with a greater focus on how to love and care for those affected by breast cancer.

To fully understand how to do this, our own Wrappette, Elizabeth, gave her testimony of when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and her journey with it this past year.

Elizabeth had just started working at Wrapsody in September of 2015, a month before their breast cancer event at started. She had no idea at the time how big of an impact that event would end up having on her life. Fast-forward a few months to the Saturday before Christmas; Elizabeth was at hotel in Atlanta with her husband and children getting ready to leave for vacation. That’s when she felt a lump while in the shower. She immediately knew she had to get it checked out for peace of mind, but told her family to continue on with their trip while she headed home to Birmingham to see the doctor.

elizabeth-and-doris-wrapped-in-hopeThat Christmas Eve, Elizabeth found out that she did, indeed, have cancer. That day when she was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to get a mammogram was her first encounter with the Angel Squad, an organization that ended up changing her life. Just talking for a few minutes with that first Angel, someone that had been through what she was going through, was a relieving moment for Elizabeth.

The next step for Elizabeth was a few weeks later when she had a CT scan and would officially find out her staging and diagnosis. She described it as the hardest day of her life.

“I remember sitting in that room praying, ‘Lord, please let there be angels in this room,’ when 5 minutes later Doris from the Angel Squad walked in. She was the Angel that He sent me.”

That day in the hospital Doris gave Elizabeth an Angel Squad goodie bag. It’s a bag that no one ever really wants to get, but in that moment, it made Elizabeth feel uplifted.

“To me, the Angel Squad is Hope. They understood me, what I was feeling and going through, in a way my family could not. Doris understands what Hope is. She will always be my Angel.”

While giving her testimony, Elizabeth told an amazing story that she heard in a bible study. She said that a recent scientific study is claiming that hope has the same effects as Morphine, an opiate that decreases the feeling of pain and creates a sense of well-being. “And that’s exactly what the Angel Squad does,” Elizabeth said. “They’re my Morphine pill.”

When asked what the word hope means to her, Elizabeth said:

“Hope is so powerful because it can anchor you when you’re going through any kind of battle or storm. It allows you to feel safe and experience peace and joy in the midst of your circumstances.”

We asked Elizabeth what someone who hasn’t gone through this experience can say or do to wrap someone in hope. She said what meant the most to her were little things like notes, letters, phone calls and text messages. These things let her know that people were thinking about her, and she described it as being uplifting. She remembers one friend gave her a blanket, a small gesture that brought her comfort in a scary time. She also recalled a letter that her grandmother sent her that said “Listen to God and He will whisper in your ear.” Elizabeth said a lot of the time people don’t know exactly what to say, but the important thing to her was knowing that people were praying and there for her in that difficult time.

After going through her experience, Elizabeth is now hoping to work for the Angel Squad herself. She said she wants to bring encouragement to young women like herself that are dealing with breast cancer.

“More than anything, I want my testimony to be a positive one, one in which my faith was bigger than my fear.”

Touched & inspired by this survivor’s story,
Caroline Haney
Wrapsody Intern

One Response to “Wrapped in Hope: Elizabeth’s Testimony”

  1. Ann Robbins September 28, 2016 at 1:00 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your amazing and powerful testimony. I know your mother-in-law from Bible Study for many, many years. I’m sure she has been a powerful prayer warrior for you. I admire your faith and your hope! You will be an angel for others who face the same challenge you faced.

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