Baby Chicks and Ducks: Celebrating Easter at Wrapsody

23 Mar



It’s almost Easter, and we are all so excited to have baby chicks at Wrapsody as part of our Easter celebration again this year! There are so many cute decorations for Easter and fun traditions, but it’s important to not forget its true meaning.

Springtime: Renewal and Rebirth

Spring days are some of the best days, full life and renewed spirit. Spring symbolizes renewal and revitalization, as we see a rebirth in nature. Spring and renewal are intertwined, and on Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is infused with symbolic meaning, and the many traditions of Easter reflect such. Children enjoy decorating eggs for easter, and get excitement from participating in Easter egg hunts.

Amidst all the fun and excitement, it’s easy to forget the meaning behind these things as they pertain to the holiday.

Baby Ducks and Chicks!

Baby ducks and chicks are some of the most common symbols we see around Easter.


Baby chicks at Wrapsody

They represent new life, which is why we have them in the store as Easter approaches!


Baby White Star Hybrid Ducks at Wrapsody

“The chicks and ducks represent new life,” said co-owner Sarah Brown. “Having them here is a fun reminder of the new life celebrated at Easter with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Passersby stop to look at the chicks, and many come in to hold and pet them. Children get excited to see the animals, and many of their parents use it as a time to teach their children more about the importance of Easter.

Where do we get our baby chicks?

From an incredible hatchery all the way in IowaMcMurray Hatchery!

McMurray Hatchery

1917Final.jpgMurray McMurray was a banker who always had an interest in poultry…he even sold baby chicks through his bank to local farmers.

He officially began his hatchery business in 1917, and when his bank went broke in the early days of the Great Depression, McMurray officially went full time into the “hatchery and mail order baby chick” business.

The McMurray Hatchery catalogue, first sent out in 1919 and still in use today, was a way to “bridge the distance gap between the hatchery and the mail order customer.”

The chicks and ducks are carefully shipped from the hatchery, and we are proud mail order customers!

The specific type of baby ducks we have in the store are called white star hybrids, and the chicks are pearl white leghorns and Rhode Island reds. 

You can learn more about Murray McMurray Hatchery here.


Stop by Wrapsody today to see our adorable baby chicks and ducks, and to celebrate Spring and the spirit of Easter.

-Liz Devita





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