Monogram Mania!

23 Feb



What is it about monograms that we love so much?

Take a product, thrown an initial or a monogram on it…and we’re hooked! One of the main reasons we love initial items is because they carry a timeless sense of class. A classy piece that never goes out of style? How much better could it get??


It’s something you don’t really stop to think about often, but how cool is it to be able to make an item as basic and simple as a plain canvas bag truly your own by adding a monogram? A notebook, a baseball cap…anything! It’s an old tradition to put your initials on something, and we love to do it in a stylish and fun way.

And then there’s the southern charm of it all. Family and heritage are so important to southerners, which may be one reason we adore monogram and initial items so dearly. Drive around town, and you’ll spot numerous initial wreaths hanging on the doors of neighborhood homes (though during football season, you’ll probably see more football-themed burlap wreaths adorned with orange and blue ribbon!).

Enter the home, and it is more than likely you’ll find table decor, glassware, picture frames, etc. all featuring either a monogram or an initial! Monograms are special to married couples because it represents two as one. They are a simple reminder of your life in love together.


But you don’t have to be married to love monograms! Girls of all ages are seen sporting monogram pieces all the time! Step into a college dorm or apartment, and you know you’ll find initial decor.

Whether you love monograms because of the personalization it gives to a product, the classy style it portrays or just because you like them, we can all agree that monograms are fabulous. 

Stop by the store or shop online to see the awesome monogram and initial products we carry at Wrapsody!

Liz Devita (@lizdevita)








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