Elegant and Classic: A Line to Love

12 Feb


A Stylish Story.

Trendy jewelry that touches the heart.

“What’s your story?”


FourTogetherRonaldo overall.

We all have a story to tell. The Ronaldo Jewelry line, one everyone loves these days, embraces this idea and enables you to share yours in a special way.

Ronaldo’s jewelry is all about personal meaning, which (as we mentioned in our last post) is what makes a piece of jewelry truly special.

Ronaldo carefully handcrafts each piece, which enhances the personal feeling of every bracelet. The stories behind the Ronaldo Collection make the brand extremely special, unique, and distinctive.

“Those inspirational stories sets us apart from the other jewelry designers.”

– Ronaldo

The story sentiment is something we can all relate to, which is why Ronaldo is so attractive to everyone – and gaining popularity by the minute! All of us at Wrapsody wear them and take pride in the meaning we attribute to each. We see so many people in different stages of life come in the store for them, and that shows just how versatile the brand is.

Ronaldo at Wrapsody.

One of our managers, Renee, really enjoys seeing how customers can relate to these pieces. What’s even more special is seeing them light up when they find one that has a meaning that they connect with strongly.

“I love it because it’s something that really everyone can wear,” Renee said. “We have college girls come in for it, moms, grandmothers…It’s great.”

Kristin, another one of our managers, and Renee wear the bracelets daily. Their favorite one? The Intertwined Bracelet, which features two intertwined gold and silver strands to represent how love is intertwined in your love for your husband and for your children.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.58.15 PM

Ronaldo Intertwined Bracelet

“It has a special meaning, especially if you’re married. It’s about joining your union and our lives together as one…It’s the first one I bought and it’s my favorite.”

“I love how it represents love with both your husband and children, that makes it special for both me and Renee,” Kristin said.

Renee and Kristin value the special meaning behind this bracelet, but they also love the classic and elegant design of all Ronaldo bracelets – they simply don’t go out of style!
“I also got the sweetheart one, which I got because I just love how elegant and simple it is,” Kristin said…and Renee couldn’t have agreed more!

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’ll love the design and the meaning of these bracelets! We carry tons of different designs, and thought we’d share some of our favorites with you!

Three Ronaldo bracelets we adore:

We can’t get enough of Ronaldo bracelets at Wrapsody! It’s nearly impossible to pick out our favorites, but these are a few of the great ones we have in store that share a common theme of Ronaldo bracelets: crafted with purpose.

1. The Soulmates Bracelet


Ronaldo Soulmates Bracelet

People often talk about doing things with intention, and the Soulmates Bracelet is the perfect example of how Ronaldo crafts his jewelry with intention to execute his vision.

Ronaldo’s grandmother once told him he would know he fell in love with the perfect woman “when she would just glow in front of him.” In a dream he had about his first dance with his wife, Ronaldo saw such a glow as she walked away from the dance floor; in that moment, just as in real life, he knew he found the one – his soulmate.

He immediately woke up after this dream. With the memory of his wife’s glow “fresh in his mind for inspiration,” Ronaldo devised his idea.

Ronaldo designed this to create a specific meaning. Ronaldo decided to place two even sized pearls on top of each other in the “window” of the bracelet to reflect the “pairing of soulmates for life.”

This bracelet is a wonderful piece to wear to symbolize the love and life behind the union of you and your soulmate.

2. Pearl of My Heart Bracelet


Ronaldo Pearl of My Heart Bracelet

The Pearl of my Heart bracelet is beautiful and classic in its aesthetics and its meaning.

Simply put, this bracelet is a gift to say “You are the pearl of my heart.” That’s not to say you can’t buy one for yourself! Whether giving it as a gift or buying it for yourself…this bracelet is the perfect example of how elegant and delicate Ronaldo bracelets are.

Renee bought the Pearl of my Heart bracelet because she loved the simple and classic design. “I love the simplicity of it,” she said.

“His brand is special because they all have a story, but I also love that they’re simple and elegant and can be paired with other jewelry!”

It’s not just one of our favorites…it’s one of the company’s single-pearl best sellers!

3. Power of Prayer Bracelet.


Ronaldo Power of Prayer Bracelet

We love the Power of Prayer bracelet. Prayer touches each of our lives in ways that are meaningful and personal to us, and this bracelet truly reflects that.


This bracelet symbolizes the universal power of prayer, but is a way to attribute special meaning that matters to you…and we think that makes it an incredible special piece.

Not to mention – it looks great stacked with other Ronaldo pieces and other jewelry!

Again, this bracelet is one Ronaldo designed with intention: it includes seven beads in the bracelet window to represent a prayer for each day of the week.

Kasey loves this bracelet for its strong meaning. “I love jewelry that reminds me to do something,” she said. “I think the Power of Prayer has a deeper every day meaning than some others for me personally.”

One of Wrapsody’s owners, Sarah Brown, absolutely loves this bracelet! “I don’t have one yet but it’s the one I want so badly,” she said. “I want it because I want to be reminded every day to pray. I absolutely love it.”

Ronaldo and YOU!

Whether you’re wearing them to share your story or convey a memory, because you love their classic style, or both…you won’t be disappointed with this line. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give, you can trust in the Ronaldo Collection to be a gift that is cherished and worn for a long time.

Stop by the store or shop online now to shop our Ronaldo bracelets!

-Liz Devita

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