What Makes a Piece of Jewelry Special?

9 Feb


February is a month we love. Not just because of Valentine’s day, but because it’s an exciting and refreshing time that celebrates friendship, love and the joy in giving.

In January, we go to market, an opportunity for us to buy things for the store for the entire year. We see new trends, look at new colors, and – especially important to us – make relationships with new companies.

We take pride in the uplifting and inspirational aura of our store. The unique and special products we carry further cultivate such an environment. Certain gift lines in the store encapsulate many of our values, while also adding special elements of their own.


My Saint My Hero is one of our favorite brands we carry, as they overflow with meaning and personal relevance with their dedication to faith and prayer. Just as we celebrate the true spirt of giving daily, My Saint My Hero celebrates “the gift of a blessing.” We love that they refer to their jewelry as “wearable blessings.” They sincerely want their jewelry to be special pieces that bring “faith, hope and purpose” into one’s life. 

My Saint My Hero holds admirable values related to areas that touch all of our lives. In their mission, the company describes their “wearable blessings” as reminders that each of us are loved.

Not only does their jewelry serve as a reminder that all individuals, no matter what point they are at in life, are loved, but also that all of us have unique and important stories. Through their dedication to prayer and special packaging, My Saint My Hero works to pray for all who wear their jewelry. 

Sarah, one of our owners, loves these pieces as gifts because of the strong meaning associated with them. 


Soar Bracelet

Their pieces feature different themes, and one of our favorites in store right now is the “Soar” bracelet, one Sarah is “really excited about.”

The message included with the bracelet states the “single wing held firm by a woven cord is a triple symbol. It whispers to us of the fleetingness of life and of all good things on this earth, which pass so quickly, like the swift flight of a bird.”

“It’s a great in-remembrance gift to give to somebody that has lost someone. I think it’s such a meaningful gift and a great reminder for someone to have that to wear. We struggle often with what to do or give someone that’s lost someone. That’s the perfect, meaningful gift.”

The meaning of their jewelry is powerful. They are specially packaged with a meaningful message and prayer that reflects their care for each individual piece and the person who will be wearing it. 

Each bracelet is handwoven in Medjugorge; the silver feather is an original design by a My Saint My Hero artists, and include the brand’s signature “blessed” tag near the slipknot.

The company has such a fervent drive to foster communal power and prayer, they devote Friday’s at noon to pray for each retailer carrying their products. 

Sarah not only loves the messages My Saint My Hero products have and also the overall spirit of the company itself. 

“They just beam with spirituality,” she said. “They told us their story, their meaning and purposes. They have this joy in giving and that absolutely touches us.”

Sarah loves to give the “gift of a blessing” with a My Saint My Hero piece. One of the most special was one she gave her husband, who wears his “One Blessing” bracelet regularly. 


One Blessing

The “One Blessing” bracelet is another strong example of a piece of jewelry with strong meaning that makes a piece so special in our hearts.  

As their website explains, this bracelet is meant to be worn as a daily reminder to do good to make the world a better place, a mission one can fulfill by using their hands to do good for this world.


Another one of our favorites that we currently have in store is the “Serenity” bracelet.

What more can one wish for than to feel serenity, especially as our days tend to feel more and more hectic! This blessing bracelet card wishes for the wearer to experience the feeling of “Calm and Peace.”

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Wrapsody celebrates purposeful giving; gifts create connections between two beings that reflect love, admiration and appreciation. A piece of jewelry from My Saint My Hero goes beyond the regular connection, as each piece features a deeply meaningful message.

So, back to the original question, what makes a piece of jewelry special? A piece of jewelry is special when it goes beyond its materialistic values; when a piece has significant meaning and is given to us from someone who holds a place in our hearts, that’s when it becomes the most special. 

Celebrate life and love with a special, meaningful piece from My Saint My Hero


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