Christmas Morning…Oh What Fun!

10 Nov

Christmas is always an amazing time at Wrapsody so when we were thinking about the theme for our Holiday Open House, we couldn’t think of a more magical time than Christmas morning! Here are some traditions and memories about Christmas morning that our Wrappettes shared and obviously treasure!

“Christmas morning is so unique and special to each person! My family’s Christmas morning tradition is waking up super bright and early (no later than 6 in the morning) and eating breakfast pizza, cinnamon rolls, pigs in a blanket, lots of fruit and my mom’s famous crock pot hot chocolate! After, we watch the movie marathon of Christmas Story that plays every year on re-run while we snuggle up by the fire place. Every year, we also each get remote controlled helicopters and we all go outside and play with them— the parents are included on this fun too! I love the Christmas season because of how my family spends the holidays!”  -Jen

Kristin Family Christmas

“My family does matching Christmas pj’s every year. It’s fun even as we get older; even though we are starting to move away  this is a fun way to bring us back together every year! This picture is from the first Christmas after I got married and it was fun to add my husband Doug to the tradition!”


“My favorite Christmas morning tradition is monkey bread for breakfast!!!:)”  -Caroline

Little Courtney Christmas Older Courtney Christmas

“My absolute FAVORITE Christmas morning tradition that my family does every single year is my siblings and I (it’s now just Tia & I but we still have fun keeping the tradition alive!) have to sit up at the top of our stairs in our pj’s wait for my dad to take a morning of picture and give us the okay to come down stairs. We come downstairs find our stockings laid out on the couch by the fireplace full of goodies! Then rush to the living room and open up our presents one at a time. After we finish with that my mom brings out her Monkey Bread and hot chocolate and we watch the Macy’s Christmas Day Parade all together and wait for my moms sister and her family come over to do the second round of Christmas gifts before a big yummy brunch and pictures!”    -Courtney

“I love when my mom hides little presents in the tree unwrapped!”    -Madeline

“My favorite Christmas tradition is playing board games with the family until about three in the morning. My mom and I always spend Christmas Eve cooking snacks so that we have lots of goodies to eat while playing games. Christmas morning we always sleep in and open Christmas presents and put together puzzles. It is always my favorite time of the year because the family bonding is so much fun!”    -Meredith

“We always have breakfast casseroles (LIKE ALOT OF THEM)! We get to open one present Christmas Eve and they are always pajamas that we wear on Christmas day!”    -Madison

Ashton Christmas

“Growing up my Mom always wanted me in the kitchen to help her cook so that I would be able to cook for my family one day. At the time I thought, “come on, mom, I could be being doing so many more things right now, like making a mud pie outside with my nice kitchen set” (that she bought me that was supposed to stay inside). Instead, she made me stay and help prepare Christmas day goodies and boy, am I thankful for that now! Christmas Eve we would get to choose one gift we could open from our parents (duh, Santa and his reindeers haven’t made it down the chimney yet). Before we were able to open our gift, my Dad would read the Christmas story from the Bible and then we would pray together as a family. As I have grown up, this is still a tradition for my family and I can’t wait to share it as I raise children of my own!”    -Ashton

“We always do have a big breakfast AFTER presents.  When I was younger,  we could not do presents until after breakfast and the kitchen was cleaned up!  It drove my brother and I crazy, so I make sure presents come before breakfast with my family!”   -Mary Lee

McCart girls Christmas

“Our holiday traditions growing up always included participating in the children’s Christmas program (I wanted to be Mary, but always had to be a reader), having a cookie decorating contest (categories range from angels to school spirit and always a freestyle category- this competition still happens and also occurs at Easter with eggs) and lastly “clearing the tree for Santa.” What started as opening one present on Christmas Eve turned into two presents and then three at the insistence of my middle sister. (She is still very persuasive and still crazy for presents;) My dad eventually declared that we should open everything under the tree on Christmas Eve to make room for Santa’s delivery! After, the three of us would all giggle and talk and eventually sleep in one bed. At first light on Christmas morning, we’d wake up, wake our parents and head downstairs-it was always amazing and magical to see all the wrapped gifts! We were allowed to check our stockings but had to wait for mom & dad to start presents! So many fun memories!”    -Bridget

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