Taste Testers

12 Sep

So, let me first say, you’re welcome.

As you will soon see, the research for this blog post was really challenging;) But for you, our wonderful customers, we’d do it all again. (No, really, when can we do it again?)

You see, the Wrappettes came together to taste test some recipes from cookbooks that we carry at Wrapsody to find some strong recommendations for you as we enter fall…a time of football, family and, of course, FOOD! So in an effort to find you the best, easiest and most crowd-pleasing food for all of your fall entertaining, we were forced to taste!

The cookbooks that we sampled recipes from were:

how-to-cook-like-a-southerner cover

perfect party bites cover

alabama backroads recipes cover

These are all available at Wrapsody in Hoover and Auburn and on our website HERE. (Or you can click on the book above for a direct link to purchase- we love making shopping easy!)

Our menu was selected by Wrappette Aimee whose personal mantra is “food is love.” She’s the mom of three boys and always makes her Wrappette sisters feel loved with her culinary treats, so we knew she was the perfect person to select recipes that would be simple but delicious. So here’s what we noshed on…

Gourmet Village’s Lemon Dill Dip with Fresh Veggies

Emily G’s Jalapeno Raspberry Jam with Cream Cheese and Crackers

Asparagus Filo “Cigars” (Perfect Party Bites)

Hot Pimento Cheese Dip (How to Cook Like a Southerner)

Jamaican Spiced Prawn & Mango Skewers (Perfect Party Bites)

Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce (Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes)

Heavenly Potatoes (How to Cook Like a Southerner)

Cheesecake Bites (Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes)

Here are some pics of the tasting…I’ll let you be the judge of if we enjoyed it…

***Oh, the theme of our get together (because I love a good theme and also making people wear/do silly things;) was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party celebrating everyone’s very merry Unbirthday! Without this information, the pictures may be a little curious;)***

yum yum

Dig in! (Sweet Aimee is cutting our chicken for us…she loves us so well;)

pepper jelly and dill dipEmily G's - Jalapeno Raspberrydip mixes

Emily G’s Jam of Love: Jalapeno Raspberry with cream cheese is to die for!!! (Our cream cheese was molded into the White Rabbit…you were warned that I love a theme;)

Stock your cabinets with our Gourmet Village dip mixes ($5 each) —not your average dip mixes! Each includes 4 recipes and variations for the mix including super easy 2-3 ingredient dip versions.  I made the Lemon Dill dip for our party (mix with sour cream or yogurt and a little mayo) and served with fresh veggies…YUM!  Perfect for tailgates or appetizers for guests- when you want a little upgrade from good ole Ranch, but with the same amount of effort!

asparagus filo

Eat your vegetables! Asparagus in filo…so simple, they look fancy and they are AMAZING!

hot pimento dip gone

This went so fast I didn’t even get a picture! Think this shows you what a crowd pleaser the Hot Pimento Cheese Dip is! PERFECT tailgate food- tastes great hot, warm or cooled. It’s topped with bacon…need I say more? Thanks to Wrappette chef Barbara for making this awesome appetizer!

mango shrimp

Our sweet Mary Lee tackled the most exotic dish of our spread and received rave reviews! The shrimp skewers were simple (if you don’t grate your own nutmeg…I mean, no need to go all Pioneer Woman on us), but look incredibly impressive and are a great combination of sweet and spicy. A perfect bite for your more grown-up parties.

seconds please

Going for seconds! They may be tiny, but they can eat!

Other highlights of the goodies that got gobbled up were an awesome white BBQ sauce that Aimee served in a Mason jar— so cute, simple and Southern. The perfect sauce for grilled chicken.

Jessica made the individual Cheesecake Bites that only called for a few ingredients and would be a great base for a variety of toppings- strawberries, pecans, blueberry compote- whatever you desire!

Jen whipped up the Heavenly Potatoes and they were divine- a great, hearty casserole sure to please any hungry crowd…even a bunch of silly girls! (We devoured it!)


So spice up your fall food line up with a new cookbook or some of the wonderful food products we have in store. We make it easy to show your family & friends some yummy FOOD LOVE this fall!

Happy eating from your devoted taste testers at Wrapsody!

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