Baby Foot…My Experience

10 Aug

Baby Foot

So…I’m putting myself WAY WAY out there and humbling myself to do this. Nothing like showing your gross feet to the world, but that is what I am about to do.

We ordered this fabulous new product, Baby Foot. Yes, Baby Foot.  Made by Baby Foot USA in Springfield, MO.

So I am one that has really bad feet. Ask my husband or my friends that have ever gone to get a pedicure with me (one named Laura in particular that took a video of the ladies face that was working on my feet. Thank goodness, her phone got run over by a car and she didn’t back up her phone so that video is lost forever!)

They are the kind of feet that scratch the sheets in the bed, the kind of feet that your husband refuses to rub, the kind of feet no one wants.

So, I ordered this product for our stores and thought, hey, if it will work on MY feet, then it will work on ANYONE’S! And we try to make sure we buy products we truly believe in.  So we’ll, yes, I BELIEVE in Baby Foot!

It’s a Lavendar Scented Exfoliant Foot Peel.  This is the way it worked:

  • Washed my Feet. (I didn’t soak my feet before, but kinda wished I had)
  • I Put the plastic booties on both feet.
  • I secured the booties around each ankle.. I actually put on a pair of socks over it and watched tv for an hour! The booties have a “gel” in them of all-natural ingredients.
  • After the hour time frame, I removed the plastic booties and washed my feet with soap.

Feet were just fine. This was on Sunday night..

By Friday,  5 days after application:


We were at the lake for the weekend, which worked out perfectly.

It was a little bit hard not to try to peel it off…it’s one of those things you naturally just want to do.  I did however rub them a lot in the lake water and a lot of the dead skin came off that way.


By Saturday (6 days after application)



And then..a week later..


So there you are! I did it…I shared this with the world.  I am so happy that I used Baby Foot.  My feet are softer, smoother and look so much better! They don’t even scratch the sheets any more…So now i’m heading to get a new pedi so my toenails look as good as my feet do!  Not even embarrassed and neither will my friends to go with me!


The Baby Foot exfoliant peel is available in our stores for $26.50 and worth every penny!

Baby Foot Product

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