A Wrap Session with Anna Douglas of Stella Grace Jewelry

13 Jul


At Wrapsody, we are very proud to have many local artists’ work available to our customers. Stella Grace is a jewelry line designed and hand made by Anna Douglas who lives in Birmingham. We absolutely LOVE how customized you can make her pieces and are excited to host a trunk show for Stella Grace on Friday, July 17th from 11-6 p.m. at our Hoover location. (Don’t worry, she’s headed to the Auburn store in September!)

Hope you enjoy learning a little more about Anna and her fabulous jewelry…

If you HAD to choose a favorite piece from your line, what would it be?

Two FaceThe Large Two-Faced Necklace is my go-to. I have an “A” in the vines font. I wear it with everything – alone with dresses, layered with ripped up jean shorts…with everything for every occasion.

When and how did you get started?

September 25, 2013. It all started with an engraving machine and a love of monograms. My father is a fine jeweler and had a major influence in my direction towards the industry. Everything sort of fell into place within a week’s time after a year of “wishing and wanting” to make a go of it.

Tell us a little about your process and materials…

Stella Grace AssortmentMy process is as easy as can be: make a simple product! I personally wanted a line that would not “clash” with any style and could be worn every day. Neutral. Each piece is handmade by me and made to order per customer’s desire. My hope is to provide an opportunity to give the customer full control of the design.  As far as materials go, I use a pewter based product. The gold is gold plated over pewter. I love the vintage feel the muted “silver” and “gold” give. The material is nickel, cadmium, and lead free – whooa!

Where does the name of your jewelry come from?

kittystellagraceStella Grace Jewelry is named after my sour patch of a cat. Stella Grace is extremely two-faced and even has two different colored eyes. Sweet and sassy for sure. I had the epiphany – so to speak – of launching a double-sided necklace and knew each side needed to be different. The monogram side seemed pretty obvious… and I decided to branch out and try hand stamping. Thus we have “Two Faces”: Stella, the edgy stamp with the freedom of speech // Grace, the classy monogram of choice.

And because we just can’t resist a few silly questions…

 What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

This is the hardest question yet considering I eat it everyday!  I’m not sure if they are around anymore, but the Hershey’s Ice Cream shops used to carry a cookie dough and cookies & cream combo flavor. Heaven.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Unfortunately, we do not have cable- that limits my show watching to Netflix. At the moment I am watching Orange is the New Black. Not the most appropriate show, but I’ve gotten locked in to these girls’ stories. So addicting.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why? 

Nike FreesA funky sneaker. I’m a tomboy at heart. Nothing makes me happier than a new pair of running shoes.   My current Nikes are the black & white leopard print Frees that I will wear until I run a hole in them.

Stella Grace Logo

Please stop by to meet Anna and shop Stella Grace on Friday, July 17th between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at our Hoover location!  We can’t wait!  Thank you, Anna, for sharing your beautiful work with us!

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