Bridget McCart Veazey, New Friend & Store Manager at our Hoover Store shares her 5 favs at the Wrap!

4 Jun

My name is Bridget McCart Veazey. I am a daughter, sister, wife, aunt, godmother, Mississippi State and University of Alabama graduate, artist, pianist, interior designer, seamstress, foodie, audiobook junkie, skilled napper, animal lover and the new manager of Wrapsody in Hoover. Pictured here on the left, with Jessica!Wrapsody Hoover Management Team

My best friend, Lexy Petry, has been a longtime Wrapsody shopper and I can’t remember a birthday or Christmas over the past 10 years that I haven’t received something wonderful in the famous Wrapsody gift wrap!  It’s safe to say that Wrapsody has always been just my style;)

After meeting Wrapsody’s owners, Terry & Sarah, I knew I had to be a part of this “celebration of giving” so I packed up my sweet husband, Cooper, and my feisty 15 year old miniature schnauzer, “G”, and moved to Birmingham from Austin, Texas.

“That’s crazy!” you say…but as my family, friends and husband know, when I get excited about something, well, I just have to do it!  And I am excited about Wrapsody! And here’s why…

As you well know, the store is amazing. The products are current and unique and it is super easy to find a gift for anyone! New product arrives every day so there is always something fresh. Secondly, the staff is made up of some of the sweetest ladies that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They love our store and they love helping our customers. I don’t have enough compliments for our Wrappettes. I simply adore them.

But why I am MOST EXCITED about Wrapsody is something that may be easy to forget when you shop in our big beautiful stores…Wrapsody is a small, local business.

Our owners, Terry & Sarah, share a vision of a “celebration of giving” and are involved every single day. My assistant manager, Jessica, wears many hats and keeps our inventory organized, priced and ready for you. (She keeps me organized too;) Longtime Wrappette Lacy comes in weekly to freshen our displays and create fun presentations of our products. All of the Wrappettes pitch in on getting new product on the floor, helping customers, placing special orders, wrapping gifts, sweeping the floors and even watering the plants!

I LOVE how small businesses run. It’s busy and fast-paced and we share the load. We are a bunch of moms, high school and college students, daughters, wives, friends and sisters making this fantastic gift shop GO and I think that’s pretty awesome. I love what each individual contributes. I love that we can truly get to know our customers and can, therefore, serve them best. I love that our products are hand-picked by our owners, with YOU, our customers, in mind.

I LOVE small, local business and Wrapsody is the best I’ve ever seen. *And while we’re on the topic of “the best”… I know, abrupt transition- thanks for rolling with it.

For this blog post I have been tasked with narrowing down my favorite products we carry to only FIVE!  For the unabridged version of this list or a complete tour of the store with my superfluous commentary on the multitude of amazing products, please visit Wrapsody Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. for your own personal guided tour;)

So here we go…my 5 favorites right this minute…

Caldrea Pear Blossom Agave Everything 

Caldrea Countertop Spray

I started with the lotion, then the laundry detergent, then the dryer sheets and now the room spray.  Ok, so I may have a Caldrea addiction, but it just smells SO fresh and clean!  In addition to the awesome scents, all of the products are  made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients so it is earth and home friendly. They describe their products as “Aromathereupeutic Homekeeping”…I figure if I have to clean I might as well be getting some aromatherapy while I’m at it! And, to be fair, they do warn you on all of their packaging that it is “addictively delightful.” My name is Bridget and I’m a Caldrea addict.

Tyler Candles: Pineapple Crush

Pineapple Crush from Tyler

Generally I have a strict “no food smells” candle policy because, honestly, it just makes me hungry. This scent totally changed my mind. Pineapple Crush burns warm and rich and just plain enjoyable- not floral or perfumey, just nice. Limelight is another personal favorite, but Pineapple Crush pleasantly surprised me and I just keep going back to it.

* If you haven’t tried a Tyler candle, tear yourself away from this riveting blog post (haha) and come see us today. They burn strong and clean and, quite frankly, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Because what’s worse than buying a candle and not smelling it at all? Major bummer.  Not at Wrapsody, though! Our candles are the smelliest. In a good way, of course;)  Tyler, Swan Creek, Lafco, Capri Blue, Caldrea—we have the BEST! In fact, I’m so sure that our candles are the best (and because you deserve a reward for reading all of my favorite product musings;), just mention this blog post and we’ll give you 20% off of the candle of your choice- now thru June 30, 2015!

 Our Clothes & Accessories

Antelope Shoes at Wrapsody

I fully realize that this is a whole category and not just one favorite, but I simply cannot choose! I won’t do it- there’s just too much that deserves a mention! From lacy slips & bralettes that add the perfect touch of feminine and colorful tops that flatter all shapes and sizes and from unique jewelry (I’m loving the sparkle of Sorrelli and the fun of stacking Alex & Ani bracelets!) to the most comfortable pair of Antelope wedges…we are SO stylish! We have the perfect pieces for summer vacations, cookouts & concerts. Come play dress up with the Wrappettes!

Vera Bradley: Sierra

Sierra from Vera Bradley

I have learned SO much about Vera Bradley in my 2 months at Wrapsody and every day I appreciate this line more and more. The quality is amazing, the pieces are thoughtfully designed and there is truly something for everyone. Sierra is the newest pattern and my current favorite (as I have a feeling that I’m going to keep adjusting my favorite as new patterns are released!) Sierra includes my favorite color combo of aqua, coral and lime and coordinates well with black, brown or gray. My first piece of Sierra is going to be the Blush & Brush Case as I aspire to keep my make up more contained…I find tubes of lipstick in the weirdest places, or if I really need one, nowhere at all.  You know how it goes.


Snooty Toots Frames

G in Snooty Toots frame

I love supporting local artists and these frames are handmade right here in Birmingham. I would describe my home décor style as contemporary cottage so I love anything distressed! She makes them in a variety of color combos and it’s super easy to change out the pictures. I think they are awesome gifts because you can never have too many frames! I especially love the “Auburn” and “Alabama” ones as they feature the school colors but aren’t so in-your-face collegiate. (I have had to learn upon my return to Deep South that nothing is just blue and orange- it is AUBURN.) Plus, how could I pass up an opportunity to show off the smartest, furriest old lady I know? That’s right…the totally unamused canine pictured here is “G”. She was my roommate in grad school at UA and is super excited to spend her golden years back in Alabama!

So if you, dear customer, need a personal shopper, product specialist, aromatherapist, wardrobe consultant, while-you-shop babysitter, gift wrapper or just a friend, I’m your girl!

Hope you’ll stop in to see us soon. I look forward to meeting you and would love to hear about your favorite Wrapsody products!

Hugs, Bridget!

3 Responses to “Bridget McCart Veazey, New Friend & Store Manager at our Hoover Store shares her 5 favs at the Wrap!”

  1. Rachel Jackson June 9, 2015 at 9:04 am #

    She’s wearing the wedges! 😃

  2. Jen June 10, 2015 at 7:40 pm #

    I may be older than you but I want to be just like you when I grow up! You’re the best!

  3. Gabrielle Mccart June 11, 2015 at 1:25 pm #

    Can’t wait to come shop here again!

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