Easter Symbols and Traditions

31 Mar


Easter is on its way, and that means the signs of spring are everywhere – chicks, bunnies and baskets filled with plastic eggs. But what do all of these symbols mean and where did they originate? The egg is an ancient symbol of new life and fertility. The tradition of decorating eggs dates back to the 13th century! For Christians, it represents the hope of eternal life, and the chick hatching from the egg symbolizes Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb.


Stories of the Easter Bunny abound, but many believe the tradition started in Germany with the “Osterhase,” translated to Easter hare. If children leave baskets out for the Osterhase, she will lay beautiful, colored eggs in them. This tradition was brought to the U.S. by German immigrants in the 1700’s and inspired egg hunts and Easter baskets filled with candy and eggs. Easterbunny_1

The celebration of Easter takes many different forms around the world. Instead of an Easter Bunny, Australia has an Easter Bilby, an endangered animal that looks similar to a rabbit. In Greece, many participate in throwing pots and pans out of their windows on Holy Saturday, a tradition that welcomes spring and symbolizes new crops. In Bermuda, Easter is celebrated with a festival of kites, meant to symbolize Jesus’ ascension into heaven.

However you celebrate Easter, Wrapsody wishes you a blessed day with family and friends!





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