Elf Magic

9 Dec

Elf Magic is a fun, holiday tradition to share with your little ones. Bring back memories and excitement for Christmas year after year.

“Elf Magic is Christmas spirit you can hold in you hand and feel in your heart!”

The Elf Magic story…

A special Elf is chosen – either by Santa at the North Pole or by the Elf-Magic-Logo-2child at one of the Official Elf Magic North Pole Supply Posts. You’ll know it’s an Elf Magic Elf if you see Santa’s snowflake on the heart!

Kids dress, cuddle, and play with their adorable Elf Magic Elves all day, then delight in discovering their Elves’ magical, nighttime adventures each morning!

When everyone is asleep, the Elves can get adventurous! Their Elfcapades range from the sweet – snow ElfCapades_Kitchen_065angels in rice and mixing hot cocoa – to the mischievous – hiding in freezers, climbing Christmas trees, even taking late night car rides – you never know where your Elf will turn up!

The fun lasts all season long, with the Elves returning to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. But don’t worry – they’ll be back throughout the year to spread joy, love, and Christmas cheer!

They’ll return each holiday season to continue this playful tradition. They also make surprise visits throughout the year, spending special occasions with their child or offering support during tough times.​

Get your Elf Magic today at Wrapsody and start a
Christmas tradition that won’t be forgotten!
Join us and the Elf Magic elves, Jingle & Jangle,
this Thursday at Wrapsody of Auburn!


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