How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

18 Nov


For artificial trees, always start by fluffing the tree – touch each tip on the tree to give branches a bend and look fuller. This fills in any holes and makes tree look more real.

Next step is to add lights or, for pre-lit trees, add extra lights. Start from the top and work your way down. Weave the lights in and out of branches, going lower and lower.

photo 3After the lights, always start with a tree topper. This is where you get to get creative! Determine what you want on top of your tree – whether it be a star or antlers, greenery or ribbons. Add any elements that you want to be the focal point to the top of your tree. The tree-topper sets the tone for your unique tree.

photo 4Next, take elements from the top and bring them down. Continue ribbon down the tree or add stems, sprays or picks throughout the middle and bottom of your tree.

To start the ornaments, use the biggest items first. Whether its pinecones, birdhouses or large ornaments, always go from biggest to smallest.

photo 2When placing ornaments on the tree, think in terms of a triangle. Separate the tree into 3-4 imaginary triangles and spread the ornaments out in a triangle-like pattern.

Spread the ornaments and other items around the tree going from top to bottom and continue the triangle pattern.

When you’re done, step back and take a look at the tree. Fill in any spaces and add extra lights or ornaments wherever needed.

burlap tree skirt with monogram

Finally, finish it off by adding a unique tree skirt at the bottom. Find a tree skirt that goes with the theme of your tree – burlap, monogrammed or a classic print. Find something that will complement your tree and give it that finishing touch!

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