Give a Gift with Meaning

5 Nov

Make Room for the Manger FullSizeRender

Make Room for the Manger is a special holiday gift to remind children and families that Christmas should be centered around the manger. For children, Christmas brings many things – Santa, cookies, parties and presents, but Make Room for the Manger reminds children that we celebrate all of these things for a reason.

Make Room for the Manger starts a unique tradition for children or children to remember the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Christmas. The manger comes with an easy to read book tells children to place the wooden manger each year by your Christmas tree to remind you of that day when god sent Jesus to save you and me. The book gives instructions of what to do with the manger and the hay and the baby Jesus. There is also a prayer for the children to recite in the book as they prepare the manger for Christmas Day.

“Each night before bed, grab a handful of hay. Place it in the manger, then bow your head and pray:

Lord, thank You for the manger.

Thank You for today.

Thank You for sending Jesus

for us that Christmas Day.

Bless my friends and family.

Lord, please bless me too.

Help me to be like Jesus

in everything I do. Amen.”

Finally, on Christmas morning the baby Jesus is placed in the manger and your family may sing, “Happy Birthday to Jesus, Happy Birthday to the King!”

Start a new tradition in your family and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with Make Room for the Manger.


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