Hope Floats Spotlight

27 Oct
Rashel Ross Post was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005, at the age of 28. She endured a solid year of treatments and surgeries, followed by 4 years of maintenance drugs and 10 surgeries over an 8 year span. During that time, she started a foundation, Since then she has recovered, gotten married again, watched her son grow and is now she is pregnant with twins! 10435747_10152762650828150_468325158938698229_n[1]What an inspiration she is and knows she is blessed beyond measure,10433063_10152762650823150_8801866810395957725_n[1] May 2015 will mark her 10 year cancer journey…… 

“All we can control in life is how we respond when things happen to us, good or bad. Cancer is no different. You can use it to grow yourself into a better person or you can feel sorry for yourself. Your call. Also, this (cancer) isn’t just happening to you… it’s happening to everyone who loves you as well, so allow those you choose to journey with you and be a part of what you’re experiencing. Lastly, if you do start to feel sorry for yourself, look around… it shouldn’t take long to find someone who is in a worse predicament than you are. Don’t forget that you are not owed love and care and encouragement… that is a gift, so always be grateful and don’t expect just because you are sick that the world will revolve RRparound you. That’s not how life should work and it’s not how your cancer journey should work.”
“Mine was caught by a routine mammogram. I opted to do a double mastectomy to avoid radiation. I used to keep my cellphone in my bra occasionally. The spot was right where my cellphone would sit. My prayer is that women will keep cellphones away from their body.”SR

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