The Southern Football Culture

9 Oct

Gameday in the South is a tradition like no other.

College football is practiced as a religion below the Mason Dixon line. Fans gather far and wide every Saturday to worship their teams dressed in school colors as if they were going to church. The gameday experience evokes community, camaraderie and cheer among thousands of otherwise strangers.

1157433_10151879435651369_693120832_nThe experience begins days before the game, with fans driving across cities and states to come together at the Saturday battleground. Cars and RVs travel down the highways sporting team flags and filled withexcited passengers awaiting the almighty tradition.

Fans set up tailgates as if they were setting up for Christmas dinner. Tents are pitched the night before the game dawning lights, TVs, and even chandeliers. Dishes are prepared and coolers are packed and fans are dressed in their Saturday best.

The Southern gameday attire rivals any preconceived notion of what to wear to a football game. Instead of a jersey and jeans, fans dawn their very best. A collared shirt and khakis with a college themed belt or a sundress and cowboy boots paired with high-end jewelry and a gameday button can be seen far more than any T-shirt or baseball hat. Even children are seen dressed in cheerleader uniforms or the numbered jersey of all-time greats.11624690-large

Tailgates begin hours before kickoff. The whirring sounds of generators fill the air to power the extravagant tents. Fans keep up with other Saturday match-ups on TVs attached to trailers in anticipation of the most important game that is later to come.

However, even on game days the values of Southerners are not forgotten. Visiting teams are greeted with the upmost hospitality. The dedication of fans and the pride for their schools is evident, but opposing teams are welcomed with playful trash talk and offerings of warm biscuits. Until the players’ feet reach the field, visitors are accepted with open arms and warm hearts.

The culture of Southern gameday is something shared by thousands. The newly married couple coming back for their first game as alumni, the rowdy college students living out the memories of the older fans, the family bringing their children to the same place they attended games as a child all gather together for the same tradition week after week.

Saturdays are filled with ultimate joy or pure heartache as the final seconds of a game tick off the clock. Winning the game fills fans with a sense of pride, but losing also sends home a message – we’ll get `em next week. The game isn’t just about the players and coaches, its about the fans, its about the tried and true religion of the game and all the values the tradition brings with it.

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War Eagle & Roll Tide,

– Wrapsody

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