What does it mean to be in a sorority?

3 Sep

Deciding to join a sorority is a decision many freshmen make within the first few weeks of coming to college. They go through recruitment, meet hundreds of girls and find where they fit in best. Bid Day brings a rush of emotion, thankfulness and of course, lots of pictures!

But what happens after the rush of recruitment and Bid Day fades?

After you join a sorority, you start to get to know your sisters You’ll find people to confide in, people to laugh with and to cry with, people who have grown up in all different places and with different experiences and you’ll find that from all over you managed to find each other.

As the years go on you’ll start to make memories, you’ll go to formals and socials. You’ll have people to sit with in class and laugh with in the library. You’ll go to chapter meetings and sisterhood retreats and start to see what sisterhood is all about

You’ll find your big. The one who will show you the ropes and give you advice and the one that you know you can come to with anything. You’ll find your little and you’ll learn what it means to look out for someone.

In your pledge class you’ll find a family. You’ll learn and grow with each other and form a special bond that will last through your entire time in college. You’ll find people that you can truly be yourself around.

But being in a sorority is about so much more than cute t-shirts, fun events and making friends. It’s about a true, unending sisterhood.

Being in a sorority means being a part of something, something bigger than yourself. It’s knowing that you are truly never alone. It’s finding the person you want to become and having all the support in the world behind you. It’s having unending love for something you can’t see or touch, but that you would do anything for. You’ll realize that when you opened your bid card you didn’t just become a part of something, it became a part of you and that feeling will last a lifetime

Bid Day Boxes


After the craziness of delivering over 600 Bid Day boxes to excited new members, Wrapsody would love to congratulate all of Auburn University Panhellenic’s new members! 

Sisterhood in style,

Savannah J. – Wrapsody

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