The Psychology of Tattoos

29 Jul

With fads constantly changing, it’s often hard to decide what’s here to stay. However there’s definitely one craze that seems to be hotter now than ever before: the art of tattoos. Research now shows that 3 out of every 4 adults between the ages of 18 and 40 are likely to have a tattoo. And while tattoos maybe have been once seen as an art for the dark and edgy, that definitely isn’t the case anymore. A surprising number of professionals are catching on, and expressing themselves with a little ink too. It’s now very common to see your doctor or lawyer rockin’ their bold new tat. But the question now is why. Why are tattoos growing more popular than ever? Are they worth a try? Take a look at the top 5 reasons why people are sporting ink.


1. To express themselves

Most often, self-expression is the primary reason individuals choose to get a tattoo. While clothing and haircuts may allow some forms of expression, they change and are in constant need of upkeep. With most tattoos lasting 15 or more years without needing a touch up, they are one of the easiest ways to permanently show they world how you feel. Tattoos with quotes, scriptures, and Zodiac Signs are just a few examples of self-expression.

2. To show some swag

Tattoos allow people to show off their style. It’s not uncommon to hear someone with tattoos say that they allow them to express their unique style. Tattoo sleeves on the arms and full back tattoos are definitely becoming more common.

3. To honor loved ones

Many choose to honor those who have passed on with a tattoo that may include a portrait or name and date of their passing. Black and white ink is most common for these types of tattoos, as it allows the art to remain clean and realistic.

4. For prison or gang affiliation

These tattoos serve as affiliation symbols for numerous gang members in the streets. They can show accomplishments, convictions, and life skills. Certain designs are known to have coded meanings, and are often difficult to decipher.

5. To display religious beliefs

While it is common to see crosses or the Star of David on necklaces and bracelets, it is also becoming common to see them in ink. Religious and cultural symbols are now being tattooed in visible areas like the arm and foot. Many debate whether this art is an acceptable way or professing ones faith.

So what if you are a fan of tattoos, but don’t desire something so permanent, or aren’t a fan of needles? Wrapsody has some pretty rockin’ art in stock! These luludk jewelry tattoos last four to six days and can be removed with water and baby oil! If you’re like me and loved putting on tattoos as a kid, but want a more mature look, then these tattoos are for you! Oh, and I forgot to mention that they come in silver and gold, shimmering beautifully on all skin tones.


untitled-937_large                       untitled-726-Edit_medium

Whatever your form of self-expression is, remember that only you can be the best you possible.

Express yourself this week,

Leah S.- Wrapsody

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