Purchase with a Purpose

21 Jul

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”- Robert Bryne 

With thousands of products thrown in your face everyday, it is more important now than ever to know that your money is going to the best place possible. Alex and Ani knows this, and takes pride in thoughtfully manufacturing each piece with purpose in mind. Each product is infused with positive energy, so you, the wearer, is empowered.First, corporate consciousness is key. Alex and Ani understands the importance of protecting local businesses while designing products that impact the world. All Alex and Ani products are made with positive intention, and manufactured in American factories. In addition to supporting the national economy, all products are made in an eco-conscious process and from sustainable materials.Second, each symbol on the jewelry has been carefully researched, and is designed to carry positive energy. Whether the symbols be inspirational words and phrases, or of encouragement and creativity, each design has a specific purpose in mind. Lastly, each design reflects special qualitities and chararacteristics of the wearer. Show off your personality with these classic pieces. 



Below are just a few collections of Alex and Ani that we love!

Collegiate (Yes, Auburn and Alabama are in stock at Wrapsody!)




Precious Metal Collection 




And if this company couldn’t get any better, Alex and Ani firmly believes in the importance of giving, and does this through their Charity by Design initative. Through this outreach initative, they have used their resources and proceeds from specific pieces to improve the efforts of non-profit organizations worldwide. Some of the many organizations that they support include the American Cancer Society, National Autism Association, Ovarian Research Fund, and Toys For Tots. If you are interested in giving to any of these organizations, while staying stylish and eco-conscious, you can shop by charity, or by bracelet, at Alex and Ani’s website.



Take a look at this video below to learn more about Charity by Design!


Be empowered. Paint the town. Purchase with a purpose. 

Leah S.- Wrapsoy 


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