Organize in Style

8 Jul

While staying organized is a year round task, there’s something about the back to school season that puts a little fire under our rears, and forces us to become more organized than usual. Meetings, practices, trips, dinner dates: Trust us, we know it can become overwhelming if you don’t have it all planned out! Thankfullly, staying oragnized has now become easier and can be done in trendy ways. Say goodye to those old yellow sticky notes on the fridge and spice it up with some of the new and fun ways to organize. Now let me preface this by saying that I’m aware of the debate of paper vs. electronic planners. Some people love having everything at the touch of a button. It honestly just depends on what you prefer! However, I am fully convinced that paper is the way to go. In fact, most of my friends make fun of my “old-fashioned” ways. But there’s something about being able to check things off and draw thick black lines through completed tasks that leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment. With the spirit of organization upon us, I’ve decided to share just a few of my favorite planners that Wrapsody has in stock and do a spotlight on two of our favorite brands whose planners can be seen in store. Enjoy reading about these designers while taking a look at some of the many planners you can find at Wrapsody!

  Lilly Pulitzer At the age of 21, Lilly eloped with Peter Pulitzer to the sunny sands of Palm Beach and opened up a juice stand. When Lilly got juice stains on her dress, she would cover them up with a brightly colored sleeveless dress. Eventually, she began to make similar dresses, and they sold more than her juice. From there she began designing the Lilly Pulitzer clothing line, grossing $15 million annually. With quotes like “Being happy never goes out of style” and “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink,” The Lilly Pulitzer clothing label is known for its’ classic, vibrant pieces with a fun eye-catching style. All of these aspects can be seen in Lilly’s agendas. While Lilly passed in 2013 at 81, her clothing label continues to remain a success. lilly-pulitzer-300 Vera Bradley A friendship nearly 30 years ago led Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller to become co-founders of the Vera Bradley company.  Their story starts in March of 1982, when they were on vacation and realized that they was a need for more feminine luggage. From there, they adressed that need by designing luggage and handbags, naming the company after Barbara’s mother. Vera Bradley is now nationally recognized for its’ unique patterns and clever designs. Each of Vera’s agendas features one of these intricate patterns. aboutus_index_anchor


Planners We Love Agenda knows that you are busy and wants to make sure you are staying organized in style. This 17- month planner is filled with compliments, fun to-do’s each week, and is finished with a glossy, paper-wrapped hard cover.

Kate Spade Agenda

This classic Kate Spade agenda is perfect for anyone who love is stylish, but loves a simple, clean look. This agenda features laminated tabs, gold foil accents, and a concealed spiral.


Lilly Pulitzer Trippin’ and Sippin Agenda

While you may not be in Palm Beach with a lemonade in your hand, this Lilly Pulitzer Agenda definitely makes you feel like you are! This hard cover planner has mylar tabs, an elastic band closure and a sticker page. With new reinforced binding, this agenda is sure to keep your pages and schedule in tact.


momAgenda Desktop Planner

Who says moms cant have it all?! Stay organized in style with this momAgenda avaible in an array of colors. The unique layout of this planners has space for mom and up to 4 kids, so that no one’s schedule is ever missing.


Vera Bradley Pink Swirls Agenda

Featuring 20 months to stay organized, this planner is fun and filled with great extras like a notes area and holiday reminders to keep even the busiest organized. This durable planner even features a conversion table when you’re in the mood to whip up a yummy treat!


Remember that these are just a few of the many planners that we have in stock! All of these companies offer numerous patterns and prints to keep make organization a breeze. Come see all that we have to offer!

Writing and organizing in style,

Leah S.- Wrapsody

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