DIY Father’s Day Gifts

9 Jun

T-6 days until Father’s Day. Can you believe it??? We’re still wrapping our minds around the fact that it’s almost mid June! When thinking about the perfect gift to help you celebrate, remember that expensive doesn’t equal love, because love comes from the heart. Holidays like these are the perfect time to bust out the glue gun and sewing machine that you haven’t used in years, and whip up something fresh for Dad. Ok, maybe not the sewing machine, but there are definitely tons of items around the house or items that are cheap to purchase to help you make this Father’s Day memorable without putting a dent in your wallet. Here are just a few Do It Yourself projects to show Dad some love.

Remind Dad that he’s the world’s greatest Pop with this fun filled jar. Set out on a scavenger hunt to find any and everything “pop” related. This is a great activity to get the kiddos involved with! If you’re looking for a southern touch, a mason jar the perfect container that can be used again. Now don’t let this picture limit you, because the items you can put in this bad boy are endless. Some of our ideas include: Push Pops, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks, miniature Pop-Tarts and Blow Pops.


Celebrate the past or capture the future with a picture for this DIY photo frame. Grab a few Scrabble pieces, a photo, and some scrapbook paper to jazz up this frame. They can be found at Target and dollar stores starting at $1.00. If you’re going for the rustic-antique look like the one below, try using an older frame and printing the picture with a darker filter. And lastly, don’t forget the glue!


Dad will be sure to thank you after he receives these homemade coupons! Trust us. There aren’t many dads that are going to deny an hour of uninterrupted nap-time. While these babies may cost you a few bucks in the future, when you add in dinner and a few drinks, they are absolutely free to print. You can even cut them up and make a coupon booklet!


Help Dad get squeaky clean this weekend with this “Car Wash in a Bucket” kit. Buckets come in an array of colors if you’re looking to add a splash of pizzaz. Some great items to throw inside include: a sponge, leather wipes, car wash soap and a drying cloth. Know his favorite scent? Throw in an air freshener for the perfect finishing touch!


Do you have any DIY gift ideas that you’d love to share? Let us know what’s up your sleeve!

May the crafts be with you,

Leah S. – Wrapsody

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