Celebrating Alabama

12 Dec


The Christmas Season is the perfect time to take a moment to appreciate family heritage. With many of Wrapsody’s employees and family from Alabama, we enjoy celebrating the heritage of this beautiful state during the Christmas holiday. Alabama is one of the most unique states, with it’s  rolling hills to the North and white beaches to the South. To honor Alabama’s heritage, Wrapsody created a special tree, showcasing the many unique characteristics that make Alabama special.

In November of 1833, the sky filled with beautiful falling lights… The Night The Stars Fell on Alabama. The storm was an unusually active display of Leonid meteors and the breath taking meteor storm lit up Earth’s atmosphere with over 30,000 meteors. The hit song, “Stars fell on Alabama” became a hit in 1934 and it’s roots can be traced back to that starry night 180 years ago.  In January 2002 the phrase was added to the Alabama license plates and the traditional “Heart of Dixie” slogan was reduced to a smaller size, showing the significance of the beautiful Alabama night skies. The stars of Alabama are an important symbol to all Alabama residents who love and appreciate the significance of this symbolic event.

The heart of the cotton industry was in Alabama during the 19th century. Cotton was the predominant crop and the entire process of making the crop fell on the field workers, who at the time consisted of mostly slaves. They prepared the land each Spring for this beautiful plant and in the Fall they picked the cotton. Today, over 200 years later, cotton is still grown throughout the South-Eastern United States and this beautiful crop has become a centerpiece for home design, especially during the holiday season.


The Southern Magnolia is an evergreen that flourishes in the South-Eastern United States, just like the cotton crop. The tree’s foliage is oval, and it can grow up to 80 feet tall. The lower branches grow very low, sometimes to the ground and once the flower petals fall, the tree produces red seeds for the fall. Southern Magnolias produce beautiful dark green leaves that are fragrant and have a leathery feel and creamy white flowers that bloom during the Summer. It is not uncommon for Magnolias to be used as a showcase in private homes or communities, for not only are the flowers beautiful but the tree itself flourishes year round.

The black-bear is the state mammal for Alabama, designated in 1996. Black bears are very secretive, intelligent animals and usually seeing a bear in the wild is a very special experience. These beautiful bears are not always black, they can be any shade of white, beige, and a beautiful slate gray, that almost looks blue. Adult black bears vary considerably in size from 130-500 pounds and will eat just about anything, although they prefer berries, roots and nuts. These beautiful creatures can run up to 30 miles per hour and are good swimmers, perfect for Northern Alabama climates.

There is a reason Alabama’s slogan is “Alabama the Beautiful…”


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