The Wisdom & Love within Christmas Rituals

4 Dec



There are many traditions that families enjoy during the Christmas season. From counting down the days on Advent Calendars and taking family photos for the Christmas card, family is the core of this time of year. So what do these rituals stand for? 

Advent Calendars are one of Wrapsody’s favorite Christmas traditions. This year we have a very wide selection that are sure to make counting down the days until Christmas Day even more fun. They bring a sense of excitement and remind Children to be thankful for all that the Christmas season has to bring. 

Christmas Lights are a symbol that originated from Pagan traditions, but light was created by God. Christmas lights signify hope, happiness and the safety God brings. They represent that Jesus is the Light of the World and when we see Christmas lights and lit candles we are reminded of Jesus and the sacrifices he made for us. 

Nativity Scenes are accounts of the birth of Christ. Often the three wise men are included showing their love and understanding for their King. Jesus was worshipped by all walks of life and it is not far fetched to think that several different kinds of animals were present. Mary gave birth in a manger and blessed this Earth with the most incredible gift, and Nativity Scenes remind us of this gift during the Christmas season. 

Another tradition that actually began in European, originally, is that of the stocking. Children used to use one of their everyday socks but eventually Christmas stockings were created for this special occasion. The custom of Christmas stockings derived from the Germanic figure, Odin. Children would place their boots outside and Odin would come by and fill them with candies and treats on the Eve of every Christmas. Many families create their own stockings with family members names. This year Wrapsody offers trendy burlap stockings, easy to have monogrammed! 

If you haven’t noticed many of our rituals are based in European traditions and the tradition of sending Christmas cards is no different!!! Every year families sit down and take pictures together to send off to loved ones. We send cards to share the year’s stories and show that especially during the holidays, the ones we love are at the forefront of our minds.


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