Halloween Traditions!

30 Oct

Halloween is not only a festive day to dress up and have fun with friends and family it is a time to Celebrate Tradition! Halloween is known and loved today as a family centered holiday, but Halloween’s origins go back centuries. All Hallows Eve was the night before All Hallows Day, which became better known as All Saints Day in Christian Tradition. As time progressed the familiar All Hallows Eve transformed to Halloween, a holiday Wrapsody loves to celebrate with family!

All Saints Day was a feast for all martyrs and saints and was celebrated on November 1st  dating back as early as the 8th century.  Customs varied globally for this holiday until the date was officially established in 837 AD by the Pope. The modern observances of Halloween are more recent than one may expect! Since the holiday was brought to America in the late 19th Century from Ireland, the modern holiday combines both Celtic and Christian traditions.

Jack-O-Lanterns and Trick-Or-Treating became popular Halloween festivities in the Americas and were exported back to Europe and around the globe. People have been carving pumpkins to use for lanterns before the practice was part of Halloween Traditions! During the 20th century the connection was created and the name Jack-O-Lantern was associated with the pumpkins! The name Jack O Lantern dates back to the mid 1600s, where it was used as the nickname for a night watchman. The name became significant for the pumpkins after people started carving faces in them. The man holding a lantern became the lantern itself.

The practice of going door-to-door for treats started in the 1930s. Trick-Or-Treating became an increasingly popular Halloween tradition to create an incentive for the youth to not play rowdy and costly Halloween pranks! Who knew those kids caused so much trouble! Although there are many stories about how Halloween costumes became so popular there is no proof of where it first started!

Halloween is a fun time to celebrate tradition with family and enjoy the mounds of candy collected by the end of the night! Celebrate Halloween this year with Wrapsody at both our Hoover and Auburn locations! Our Wrappets will be wearing fun costumes that our customers will have the opportunity to vote on and a winner will be decided at the end of the working day!! Wrapsody hope to see you tomorrow to celebrate all these fun traditions!!

Happy Halloween ! 

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