Hope Floats 2013!

1 Oct

photo 2

Hope Floats is about women who have overcome breast cancer as well as those who we have lost. We honor these women by representing them and celebrating their lives! Hope floats is donating to not only one but two foundations this year in hopes that the money we are able to raise can be given to even more people in need. For the fourth year in a row Wrapsody celebrates women who have battled breast cancer. I have to tell you from experience that there are few things in this world that are more beautiful than hundreds of pink and white balloons being released into the air. I am pretty sure the only thing that comes close this level of beauty is Toomer’s after a huge home win game…  But, there is nothing more amazing than hearing the stories about these woman who have struggled through breast cancer. Last year we had the pleasure of meeting an incredible woman who made an impact on everyone who spent time with her that day.

Anita Lanier was a woman who struggled with breast cancer for many years and unfortunately left us after last year’s celebration. Anita was a woman from Lanett, who was a great friend and was the sweetest woman you would ever meet. She was also a twin and the two were best friends. She had a ritual with her two best friends to go see a movie on Tuesday’s and never stopped talking about her children and grandchildren. Anita is a woman who will always be in our hearts and we are blessed to have spent time with a woman who had such a positive attitude and love for life. After she passed it was more of a celebration of the impact she had over so many people throughout her life.

Wrapsody is honored to be working with the ANGEL SQUAD of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center as well as the East Alabama Medical Foundation. The Angel squad is a group of volunteers who have dedicated their time to providing hope, comfort and compassionate care. For over a decade they have cared for breast cancer patients, their families and their caregivers at The Kirklin Clinic.  The Angel Squad focuses to provide individualized support for each patient in the UAB Breast Health Center. These Angels provide blankets to meet patient’s physical needs, as well as offering a kind word or simply lending a listening ear. This incredible center is among the 42 cancer centers in the nation and is only center in Alabama as well as the Deep South. The East Alabama Medical Foundation uses the money raised from Hope Floats to help medically underserved women in East Alabama. This money goes directly to help these woman receive the screening and diagnostic procedures they need, as well as tending to the patients treatment needs if necessary.


Mark your calendar for the family celebration starting at 5:30 on the evening of, Monday, October 28th for the “Hope Floats” Balloon Release. We are holding this event at both our downtown Auburn location and at Patton Creek in Hoover. Come in throughout the month and bring your photos and sentiments so we can share them with our communities in our Hope Float’s Celebration window. Balloons, tags and t-shirts are available at both our locations starting Tuesday, October 1st.

large-Wrapsody Hope Floats T-Shirt

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