Show Your Feet Some Love

4 Feb

Happy Monday!

There are plenty of mornings you are probably rushing to get dressed and some of your socks are mysteriously missing….frustrating! It is like the dryer is eating your socks and you always end up with mismatching pairs.

Well, we totally agree with Solmate Sock’s motto, “Life’s too short for matching socks!”  Solmate Socks is a unique brand founded by the Socklady, Marianne Wakerlin. Marianne’s mother taught her to knit when she was nine and over the years she has developed a true passion for knitting socks, especially mismatched socks.  The company was born in the year 2000 and runs in a small town in central Vermont. The sock’s colorful and complex patterns are created from recycled cotton in a family owned knitting mill. They are hand finished and then “mismatched with care.”

You can wear them whether you are at work, running errands or snuggling up on the couch. As we have mentioned earlier, colors are a big trend this season. Why not give your feet some color too? They are a sweet gift for any age, so show your feet some love on Valentine’s Day with this fantastic gift. Remember, you can never give or receive too many socks because the dryer will most likely keep eating them!

Have a great day.

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