How to Decorate your Holiday Christmas Tree

26 Nov
ImageThe holidays are here, and regardless of when you get started on your special traditions like shopping and decorating, the family Christmas tree is almost always the centerpiece of the home and where most all the magic happens (with the exception of the mistletoe, of course).  The Wrappettes at Wrapsody have some advice for making  every tree look as beautiful as possible while keeping the process organized and having fun.
1)      Get organized: Set up and fluff your tree first.  Keep in mind how the tree would look in nature.  For example, a white flocked tree would have a down swept appearance.  Also, lay out all your ornaments and tree décor, grouping like items.   That will allow you to easily see what you are working with.
2)      Start with your tree topper, which sets the theme for your tree.  Think outside the box and make your tree creative and fun.  For example, on a natural tree, you could use a grapevine cross topper with burlap ribbon, cotton seed stems, and large pine cones.  A more whimsical tree could host a rustic wooden star wrapped in different kinds of yarn of various textures and color, a spray of large scale flowers, and white painted twigs. 
3)      Once you have  completed your topper, continue your theme through the body of your tree starting with your largest ornaments.  They can be tucked deeper into the branches and used to fill holes.  While placing ornaments, think of your spacing in terms of a triangle, making sure to consider how the tree will be viewed on all sides.  Continue the process until you have placed all your ornaments. 
There are so many traditions, and so much to love about this time of year, but remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well and looking good!  All the time and care put into your Christmas tree will be that much more to remember and enjoy!!   

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