Spartina, the Daufuskie Island Accessories

13 Oct

Spartina is a wonderful handbag and accessories collection that is now being carried in both of our stores! The inspiration for these products began at Kay Stanley and Curt Seymour’s, founders of Spartina, seaside cottage on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. Spartina is the native marsh grass that surrounds the shores and protects the beaches.



A portion of all the proceeds goes to the Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation, a non-profit organization created to preserve and protect the island’s invaluable historical and cultural heritage.

The Spartina Mermaid is their logo and is included on every handbag and accessory. It was inspired by island folklore where sailors would rest on the sandy beaches and they were convinced they kept seeing mermaids.

“The mermaid legend is irresistible, and, to this day, some say these ‘matrons of enchantment’ continue to swim in the waters off Daufuskie, luring fisherman with their mesmerizing songs”.

We love the Christina collection, which would be perfect for game day at Auburn. 



We also carry the Callahan collection which is perfect for all those Alabama fans! The black and red print is a great way to show your Alabama school spirit. 



We are so thrilled to be carrying Spartina in both of our stores! These accessories are certain to brighten up your wardrobe!

If you would like to learn more about Spartina, you can check out their website

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