Sorrelli Jewelry- The Magic Inside a Jewelry Box

24 Sep

Lisa Oswald, the founder of Sorrelli, discovered her grandmother’s jewelry box full of sparkling gemstones when she was a little girl.  The heirlooms that were passed down to Lisa and her sisters, along with the support and encouragement of her family, inspired her to form her own jewelry company, Sorrelli. Sorrelli comes from the Italian word for sisters, sorelle, because of Lisa’s love for her family and Italian-American heritage.

Lisa and her husband Kermit proudly own and lead Sorrelli. Each piece is handcrafted from semi-precious stone and high-quality Australian crystals. Therefore, each item is beautifully and thoughtfully made. “Our children- the next generation of Sorrelli- serve to motivate us to create jewelry beautiful enough to transcend time,” said Oswald.

Concrete Jungle, new this fall, is a combination of gray opal, smoky brown and black diamond and is a perfect way to add jazz to any fall outfit!  Stardust is made up of gold and clear gemstones and can also be found in our store. The color combinations and wonderful craftsmanship of each piece stands out and makes a statement.

Sorrelli’s Collegiate Collection was created for customers to channel their inner collegiate spirit by offering a line of jewelry for any team fan. The “Battle Blue”, full of orange and blue gemstones, is one of our favorites.

The White Bridal collection is perfect for that special day or even a special event! Classic, clear crystal and aurora borealis make up this exquisite timeless collection. Combine or wear individually each collection that has beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings!

“We are honored to adorn women with jewelry that is intended to bring out their innermost beauty and hope that someday, in their families, more little girls discover the magic contained in a jewelry box,” Oswald said.

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