More Than Just a Bracelet: The Story Behind Lily and Laura Bracelets

4 Sep

Lily and Laura bracelets have taken the retail stores by storm, with their unique designs and wonderful functionality. These popular bracelets can match any and every outfit with the multiple color combinations in the beads and their stackable quality. They   can also be stacked to any degree and paired well with any other watches or bracelets one may own.


Lily and Laura bracelets represent not only the current trend, but also the women of Nepal. Each bracelet is hand-made by the Nepali women, where the money made by consumers in the United States provide fair wages to all of the Lily and Laura team, including the Nepali women. This heroic act is unique to other businesses in the U.S. because of the representation of equality among all people. The women of Nepal deserve the respect to receive the appropriate amount of revenue for their labor, which has been beneficial for the women thriving in their villages.


The company’s beautiful hand-made bracelets offer a greater meaning than just an accessory worn by women and girls. The significance is meaningful and should be worn with pride because of the steps one has taken in the equality among all women around the globe.


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