“Pin Your Interests on Pinterest”

28 Jun


Move aside Twitter and Facebook, there’s a new social media tool on the loose and it’s got already got millions completely addicted. This social scrapbooking site is an online shop-a-holic’s dream come true. The visual images are aesthetically pleasing and the unique ideas and crafts keep people, let’s be honest mostly women, coming back for more.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board that allows you to organize images into boards to target specific categories. You can get as creative as you want with these boards and use them to virtually plan anything. Pinterest can be used to create an online cookbook full of yummy recipes, a guide to all things crafty to get your creative side on, a wish list for your ideal closet, a fitness plan to get that beach body back… and the list just goes on and on.


Pinterest is also super easy and simple to understand. When you “pin” something new, your followers will see it and they can like it or re-pin it to one of their boards.

The biggest demographic on Pinterest is definitely anxious bride-to-be’s who can look at thousands of ideas for planning their big day. Bride-to-be’s can plan every detail of their wedding from the floral arrangements to the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Everybody’s getting in on the action including tons of celebrities, magazines and THIS JUST IN: US! Check out our Wrapsody Pinterest board for all of our newest arrivals and fabulous gifts. We’re already completely addicted and so excited to get in on this social media trend and share all of our products and of course, some of our favorite recipes and other ideas with our followers!

We’ve definitely been getting our Pinterest on lately, pinning hundreds of awesome ideas! We especially love all of the 4th of July ideas, since the holiday is right around the corner! Here’s some of our favorite 4th of July pins so far:


So, instead of window shopping, get on Pinterest and browse your favorite products without having to leave the comfort of your couch! And what’s better than being able to make a birthday wish list without actually going into any stores? Just in case you were wondering the answer is, absolutely nothing.

See boys, can you really blame us for loving Pinterest so much?



Pin on Gift Gurus!


Catherine, Summertime Intern, & The Wrapettes

WARNING: Once you start, you may never stop!

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