Let’s Get Stacking with Lenny & Eva

12 Jun

Summer is here and that means the right to bare arms! Trends always pop up over the summer, but one I especially love this year is bracelet stacking. You’ve been cooped up all winter long and there’s no better way to add flair to those perfect summer shorts than to get stacking! It’s a trend that women of all ages are mastering and it’s the simplest way to add a unique flair to any outfit!

Our fabulous Lenny & Eva bracelets got our trendy juices flowing after we saw this stylish trend popping up all over the place. These leather-cuff bracelets can come in a small or large band and have a variety of colors, such as brown, black, red, orange and blue that will compliment any outfit.


The trendy leather bands have interchangeable silver plates with different quotes on them to compliment the stylish band. These uplifting quotes can be changed to fit your mood or your outfit. They range from plates with inspirational words such as believe, strength and faith to inspirational quotes from Theodore Roosevelt and E.E. Cummings. The possibilities are truly endless and pairing them with other bracelets can help you achieve the perfect stacking effect.


How to create the perfect stack:

Bangles, beads, watches, wrap-arounds, cuffs and studs, there’s so many options! Although all the options may have your head spinning, if you have a go-to set of slim bangles, your good to go! From then, just mix and match different styles and colors depending on your outfit to create the perfect arm candy.

Watches are also definitely welcome at an arm party. From a chunky men’s watch to a delicate, classic timepiece, watches can add a chic vibe to your overall stacked look.


The best part about stacking is there is no right or wrong way, it’s all about you and mixing colors, textures and styles to match your personality. This stylish trend doesn’t take itself seriously so have fun and get stacking!




Catherine, Summertime Intern, & The Wrapettes


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