Let’s Go Jump In The Lake!

8 Jun

Hey there gift gurus!

The moody weather and rising temperatures seem to be telling me one thing, summer is now officially in full swing. Whether your sitting in your cubicle wishing you were somewhere tropical with your toes in the sand, taking a few days off for relaxation or simply using the summer for fun in the sun, it’s here and there’s no turning back.

But please don’t fret, even if you can’t take off that long week to go to the beach we’ve got a quick and easy solution to solve your summer blues. So, grab your swimsuit and sun screen and head to the lake! Alabama is full of beautiful lakes where you can take your family and friends to enjoy a relaxing weekend and Wrapsody has the perfect addition to any lake house or lake gathering.

First thing’s first, food and beverages. No lake gathering can be complete without our “Not Yo Mama’s” Bloody Mary Mix, Raspberry Jalapeno Ambrosia and Sweet Melissa’s Jalapeno Dipping Marmalade. The Jalapeno Ambrosia and Dipping Marmalade will add a spicy kick to any appetizer and turn the heat up even more on your sunny day at the lake.

And of course no party on the lake is complete without our famous Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses. Our “Not Yo Mama’s” Bloody Mary Mix and Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses are the perfect duo and will have your over 21 guests dazzled and wanting more.

Now that the food debacle is solved, I’m sure you’re wondering how to keep those lake memories in full bloom once your perfect weekend is over. Well don’t worry, we’ve got the decorating under control.

Summer is all about the beautiful weather accompanied by the warm, windy breeze that fills the air. Our Wine Bottle Wind Chime is a unique way to decorate any porch. This unique chime adds a sophisticated touch and will create a beautiful harmony to the sound of the breeze.

Our “Go Jump in the Lake” picture frames are a great way to capture those family filled moments on the lake and make them last forever. The wooden frame adds a rustic feel and vintage touch to any room.

We also have our “Go Jump in the Lake” and “On Lake Time” wooden signs that will compliment any lake house or porch.

Find the perfect place and TIME for this oversized wooden clock. These clocks can be personalized to fit any theme and color scheme!

So leave all of your troubles at home, pack your favorite swim suit and head to the lake this weekend to make memories you’ll never forget!

Stay tuned for more summer fun, including great packing tips and creative summer activities!

Have a Happy Weekend!


Catherine, Summertime Intern, & The Wrapettes

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