Is Your Faith Visible?

26 Apr

Hello friends!

We hope y’all have had a wonderful start to this week! Graduation is but a memory, and now a new wave of college graduates will go out into the world and fulfill the callings that God has specially designed for each of them. How sweet it is to be sure of the Lord’s faithful provision for each of us! But how do you show this faith? I believe that faith is shown through faithfulness to our Creator in the little, everyday circumstances, but Wrapsody is making it easier to subtly and stylishly profess your faith!

Wrapsody is proud to retail The Visible Faith Jewelry Collection and their special line called myGod Tags. These collections are two unique lines of sterling silver jewelry that complement each other. Both of these lines were designed with inspiration and Christian faith in mind, and each piece is handmade in Texas by artist Shandon Camarillo-Whitson. Shandon can be spotted in the middle!

The Visible Faith Collection consists of a wide variety of pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms, each one created with love and expertise by Shandon and each telling its own story. Visible Faith’s mission is to inspire each customer and allow her to wear a piece of unique and original jewelry that bears witness for Christ. All of the jewelry is designed, hand-carved and manufactured in the United States. Visible Faith uses recycled and new silver, which is then made into sterling silver during the casting process. No products are plated with silver (and never will be), and none of the products contain nickel, which isn’t really silver.

The myGodTags line consists of over 50 scripturally based tags, which are smaller than military dog tags and bear a symbol and scripture on each piece. Some contain a special word or phrase stamped on them, such as “Mother.” Visible Faith can custom-make tags in four different sizes and in three different shapes in the personalization line: a heart, a cross or a star. These unique tags give special identity through the originality and simplicity of sterling silver.

A portion of all proceeds from these two collections are donated to various causes, including but not limited to missions, Llano Christian Academy, and other various nonprofit organizations. Visible Faith hopes to bless you and hopes that you may bless someone else in some way!

Shandon will be putting on a trunk show for her unique jewelry collections at both of our locations! Shandon will be at our Hoover location May 10 & 11, and she will be visiting our Auburn location on May 12. This will be an awesome opportunity to meet this talented artist…we promise you will LOVE her! 🙂 Or, if you just can’t wait, come visit Wrapsody today and discover these unique collections of hand-designed, original jewelry! We promise these pieces will be a sweet reminder to you and others to keep the faith- no matter what you’re experiencing! Let Visible Faith help you show your faith!

Have a blessed day, friends!


The Wrapettes

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