Traveling Light for Spring Break!

10 Mar

Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled that spring is almost here! Are you? With this new season comes the urge to clean out your house (or maybe just your closet), get outside, take a picnic, enjoy cool spring nights, trade winter sweaters for lighter and brighter fabrics, and perhaps get out of town for a while! Spring Break is approaching for many of us, and we couldn’t be more ready.

Since a lot of our friends will be traveling, we wanted to share with you a few travel tips on a specific topic that some of us struggle with. As women (and some men), very few of us can boast a knack for traveling lightly…or, at least, I can’t. πŸ™‚ It’s a terrible thing to make it to the airport with your 53-lb suitcase, only to suffer the annoyance of lugging it inside the terminal and then being charged an extra $50 for that extra 3 pounds. And we all know how Dad reacts when he watches you struggle to zip that last five inches of your suitcase, and reluctantly offers to carry it to the car for you. (I can think of a few times when a crane would’ve been beneficial.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn to compact all of your stuff? Or intelligently strategize to get the most out of just a few items you could bring? We found some answers on a couple of our favorite sites. Click here to get real advice from a flight attendant about how to pack for 10 days…inΒ  a carry-on!! also recently featured an article about packing lightly. (You can read the full version here.) We’ve gathered their most helpful tips for packing it in, and we want to share a few of them with you! Read on for some nifty ideas to solve your suitcase dilemma.

  1. Research the weather! Before you go somewhere. It’s obvious, but sometimes we don’t think to check these things! If it’s warmer weather, you can certainly get away with less clothing and a lighter suitcase.
  2. Fold roll up your clothes. We were perplexed by this one, but supposedly it works! Rolling up clothes instead of folding them will allow you to cram more in your suitcase if you’re traveling for an extended time. It may wrinkle your clothes, but hey, aren’t they going to anyway?
  3. Wear items more than once.Wear the same pair of shorts with three different shirts! You can wash them in between if you want to, but you’re ultimately going to save room in your suitcase. The same goes for shoes…choose your most versatile pair and walk on!
  4. Use what will be there.Hangers? Shampoo and conditioner? A hairdryer? We can think of several items that take up considerable amounts of space in your suitcase. Don’t bother…just use their items!
  5. Let yourself simplify for a few days. You’re on vacation, so act like it! Don’t bring all 15 skincare items that you normally use before bedtime. Just bring the essentials, like facewash, toner and moisturizer. Cut down on items that are just “fluff.” And don’t bring all three sizes of your curling irons…one will do just fine! πŸ™‚

We hope you’ve benefited from these tips as much as we have and that your suitcase will close a little easier! Have a safe and fantastic season of travel! Bon Voyage!


The Wrapettes

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