You’ve got a story. We can help you tell it.

14 Feb

Good morning, Wrapsody friends!

And more importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day! (We’ve been waiting forever to say that! 🙂 ) We hope that your day is filled with love, butterflies (the stomach kind), loved ones, cupcakes, chocolate, chocolate-covered strawberries and dozens of roses!

If you still haven’t found the most perfect, wonderful gift for yourself or your sweetie, come our way and check out one of our more personalized gifts. We’ve been really excited to tell you about a few of our “charms” that can help anyone tell her personal story from “once upon a time” to “happily ever after!”

Trollbeads and Brighton are a couple of our jewelry lines that carry fabulous charm bracelets and accessories. Charm bracelets are a classic way to personalize your jewelry or let your loved one know that you went the extra mile to find the perfect charm. It can be as simple and elegant as one charm on a chain, or an entire life’s story!

Coffee Mug charm...a steaming cup of Joe!

Here are a couple of our favorite Trollbeads charms!

High Heel...sassy and smart, this high heel says "I am woman!"

We love a steaming hot cup of coffee, and we know we aren’t the only ones! For the coffee lover at heart, this charm is absolutely perfect.

And how cute is that little high heel?! It’s modern and chic and has the perfect balance of sass and sport. For the woman in charge, this charm is ready to take you places, just like your favorite heels!

To see more of Trollbeads’ adorable charms, visit their website at Keep in mind that Trollbeads are only available at our Hoover store location.

ABC Ballet Shoe Charm

Trollbeads isn’t the only line we have that carries charms.

Brighton carrie a unique collection of charms that you can mix and match with Trollbeads, or start a new bracelet altogether! Here are a couple of Brighton trinkets that absolutely “charmed” us!

ABC Alabama Charm

For the little ballerina in your life, this ballet slipper is a sweet and simple way to capture the love of dance. (We love the sweet pink bead, too!)

And what Alabamian would be complete without this ABC Alabama Charm? Hanging by a treble clef with a heart dangling beneath, this unique state charm is a must-have for any GRIT (Girl Raised In the South)…or should we say GRIA (Girl Raised In Alabama)? Whichever you prefer, don’t forget this one-of-a-kind silver and gold charm.

We know you’ll be fascinated by our collection of charms and trinkets at Wrapsody, so come by and let us help you tell your story! There are a wide variety of neat and distinct charms that can uniquely portray your story. We know you have one…let us help you tell it!

Lots of  V-Day love,

The Wrapettes

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