Celebrate Valentine’s! (And, coincidentally, Honest Abe’s birthday!)

12 Feb

Hello Wrapsody friends!

Here’s to hoping you’ve all had an outstanding, pre-Valentine’s Day weekend!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, are you still wondering what to get your sweetheart? Or is your husband or boyfriend still wondering what to get his sweetheart? 🙂 We think we might know the answer to this question- unless, of course, you are married to St. Valentine himself. But if the answer is YES, send yourself or your loved one to Wrapsody for the perfect gift to spoil the special person in your life! We’ve got some hot items in our store that are sure to delight!

And did we mention that today is also Abraham Lincoln’s birthday? He’s 203 years old, to be exact. Read on, and you’ll see why we’re excited to celebrate Abe, too.

Studio Penny Lane features stunning, wearable art centered around the simplicity and beauty of a penny. (Hence, Abe.) We love this jewelry line because it takes something ordinary- and often unnoticeable- and makes it beautiful again, reminding us that pennies can encourage us to stay open to possibilities and expectant of good things.

In addition, Studio Penny Lane believes in passing on hopefulness by supporting mindful awareness through their nonprofit organization Project Penny Lane. Mindful awareness education is designed to educate and empower children to generate positive change in their lives by developing social and emotional awareness. For each purchase made, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to supporting mindful change in children.

Check out some of their beautiful and unique products below, but come into the store this week and take a look at these precious pieces for yourself!

Lots of V-Day Love,

The Wrapettes

Leather wrap penny bracelet

Penny necklace with silver wings

Leather-bound journal with wrap-around tie and penny pocket on front

Penny necklace with bronze wingsLeather wrap penny bracelet

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