Celebrate springtime with a Blossom Crown!

5 Feb

Hello, friends! We hope you had a wonderful, sunny weekend!

With this crazy springtime weather we’ve been having, we are itching to load up our vases with bright blossoms and fresh fragrances. It’s amazing what a vase of fresh flowers can do for your mood- and your room! With the official start of spring fast approaching, Wrapsody is thrilled to show you one of our favorite products.

As elegant and dainty as its name, the Blossom Crown is a nifty flower arranger that allows you to create professional looking bouquets of flowers without any hassle…it’s a CINCH! (And that might be why we love it!) 🙂

In just a few seconds, you can create the PERFECT bouquet!

With a variety of sizes to choose from, the Blossom Crown also features six different bead tassels and vase shapes- a specific, special vase for everyone and every room!

Creating your Blossom Crown is as simple as it is beautiful. After picking out your vase, wire grid and tassel, insert your (stemmed and trimmed) flowers through the holes to arrange a beautiful bouquet of fresh blossoms!

Blossom Crown offers a variety of vase shapes!

Come in soon…your Blossom Crown is waiting for you!


The Wrapettes

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